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Garden gates

Here are some photos of a garden gate and small section of fencing I made for a customer in Currie, Edinburgh.

New garden gate

Here’s what they had to say about it.

Maldwyn and Susan Currie, Edinburgh

Steve had already done some work in our house – flooring and finishing our bathroom – and we were more than happy with the quality and cost of his work.
We asked him to design and build a reasonably traditional garden gate. A new dog required it to be pretty high. Steve organised for the timber, preservative etc. to be delivered. A few days later he arrived to construct the gate and supports.
Given the current (Covid 19) situation, we weren’t in a position to be supportive, but it was soon obvious we weren’t needed.
We were, frankly, amazed that he completed the work in a working day and to a standard we were more than happy with – including setting the post. The gate is remarkably sturdy and will serve us well over the coming years. The timbers have all been treated and I will now have to get out the paint and brushes before the winter sets in
I didn’t mean to go on quite so much and I have never before felt the need to add a review – for anything. However I know that Steve is a skilled and reliable carpenter and will always do his best to fulfil his clients’ needs.
Sorry, forgot to add that we were more than happy with his pricing!
Thanks, Steve and we wish you continued success.
M and S S.
October 2020.

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