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Picture Framing

Framing services provided

Framing a picture provided by you digitally.

You upload or email a photo to us and we create a high quality print in A4, A3 A3+ sizes. We then hand mount and frame the print in an elegant oak frame, finished off with a bees wax polish.

Upload your picture file

Framing an old photograph

Have you ever found an old snapshot in a draw and though that would make a lovely full sized portrait print? Or seen a small school photo of one of your children that you really like and would love to enlarge and frame?

We can provide this service by enlarging the snap but still retain the quality of the original print ( the quality of the enlarged photo can only be as good as the original print remember). We produce a quality print in A4, A3 A3+ sizes.

We then hand mount and frame the print in an elegant oak frame, finished off with a bees wax polish.

Original snap                                                 Edited and enlarged (with original for comparison)

Photo of finished frame

Create a beautiful print from a standard size photo

original snap

Create a personalised enlarged quality print
















Old school photos given new life



Found some old school snaps in a drawer or the loft? We can enlarge, mount and frame them, to produce stunning portraits.


Enlarge photo

Small school photo to A4 quality framed print.   

school photo

Enlarge school snaps to A4 framed prints










Framing an enlarged high quality print of a hardcopy photo

If you don’t have a digital image file but just an old snap you found at the bottom of the drawer, don’t worry we can still help.

If you have a scanner, scan the photograph to your laptop or internet connected device. Make sure you set the scanner to scan at highest quality setting your scanner will allow (making sure that the file size is below 10 Mb).

If you don’t have a scanner then ask a friend to scan the photo on their scanner, following the same procedure as above. You can then either copy the scanned image to a memory stick and transfer it to your device, or if you don’t have a memory stick then get your friend to email you the file. You can then copy it to your device.

Once you have the digital image file on your device you can then upload your photo image file (and caption, if required) as above.

Once you are all done and have converted your snap to a digital file, just Upload your picture file


High quality original and selected classic artwork framed prints

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Quality framing materials (gallery standard)

All picture frames are made by hand from a stylish oak moulding that has an elegant contemporary feel that would look fantastic in any setting. The backing board and the mount board are of the highest quality and acid free tape is used to position the prints and seal the frame. The frame is completed with high quality acrylic glass which has a high UV filter rating to help protect the prints from fading in direct sunlight. The frames are fitted with a wire ready for hanging.